Sunday, September 02, 2007

George R.R. Martin Answers Questions Five

Well, he hardly needs an introduction – George R.R. Martin is a best selling author who has won most of the SFF awards out there at some time or another throughout his long career. He has become most well known for his epic fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire and his rabid fans eagerly await the arrival the next book in the series – A Dance with Dragons. The newest book in his bibliography is Hunter’s Run, a collaboration with Gardner Dozois and Daniel Abraham that was expanded from the novella Shadow Twin (my review).

I am very pleased that GRRM has taken the time to answer Questions Five.

As a resident of Santa Fe, I imagine you have an opinion on a uniquely New Mexican issue – do you prefer red, green, or Christmas chili? Why?

GRRM: Xmas, of course. Red and green both have their own unique flavors, so why not get both? (“Red or green” is the Official New Mexico State Question.)

If someone was forced to make a decision between reading Hunter’s Run and watching a Cowboys vs. Giants football game, what would you advise?

GRRM: Xmas! I mean, why not get both? That’s why god invented (1) bookmarks, and (2) TIVO.

Please describe one reason Hunter’s Run would inspire a reader to strip naked and run screaming into the forest?

GRRM: Uh… to get away from the cupacabra? Actually, trying to read while running naked through the forest is dangerous.

What other peculiar qualities of Hunter’s Run should readers be aware of?

GRRM: We’ve been working on it since 1977. So it’s bound to be really good.

Why should Hunter’s Run be the next book that everyone reads?

GRRM: Dreamsongs won’t be out until this fall, Inside Straight not until January, and A Dance with Dragons… uh… later. Hunter’s Run will help with the wait


Larry Nolen said...

Chupacabra! :D

OK, this was quite cool, although I'd imagine that the two chilis would combine to form a SBD version of a WMD ;)

Neth said...

I thought the Chupacabra reference was very well timed - I got these answers before the news from Texas hit the wire - what does GRRM know?...

New Mexico chili is great - I prefer the green, but it always hard not to go Christmas.

I wonder how the faithful will react to his answer to the last question?

Adam Whitehead said...

Quite a funny set of questions.

As for ADWD, the info was already known. If he finished it tomorrow it wouldn't be out until February or March at the earliest. Of course, if he meant 'much later' that would be new (and possibly disheartening) information.

Carl V. Anderson said...

Very fun, he certainly seems to have a great sense of humor, as do you. And anytime anyone can throw in a cupacabra reference it is a good thing! :)

Robert said...

Another great one :) So who's next? It's gotta be someone special to follow up GRRM!

Neth said...

I'm glad you all like it.

GRRM is a tough act for anyone to follow, so I almost feel sorry for whoever is next. I've got questions out to Brian Ruckley and Ian McDonald, so I anticipate one of them to be next.

Beyond that I've got a number of requests out, but no responses yet. I imagine the frequency of these will slow down before long - since I'm concentrating on authors with new(er) books out and that I've read, there are only so many.

Robert said...

Well I can't wait for the next ones :) They're a great feature, something different from the normal interview and I think a lot of authors would be happy to participate.


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