Monday, October 29, 2007

Michael Moorcock Answers Questions Five

Michael Moorcock is an author who needs no introduction in the world of fantasy. He’s been around since the 60’s writing everything from pulp crime fiction to literary fiction and SFF. He’s won pretty much every meaningful SFF award and few more beside. His most recent book gathers his Sir Seaton Begg stories, including a new offering – The Metatemporal Detective (my review). I also happen to have a copy (graciously provided by Pyr) to giveaway, so go here and follow the rules

I am honored that Mike has taken to the time to answer Questions Five.

As a forerunner in the coming mass migration of brilliant English writers to central Texas, what advice do you have about life in Texas?

MM: Get good health insurance. Don’t come unless you want to discover just how many allergies you can possibly pack into one body.

Compare a typical English pub with a Texas bar. Have you found anything good to drink in Texas? How about the food?

MM: Shiner Bock and a LOT of outstanding beers. Our local cowboy bar has good company and excellent live music. As good as the best UK pubs. Food’s more problematic since I’m allergic to TexMex (jalepenos mostly) and Mexican food and don’t much like BBQ. But I do like a good grass-fed local steak.

If The Metatemporal Detective were a fortune cookie, what would its fortune be?

MM: ? There are many roads to resolution.

If this fortune were your own, how would you interpret it?

MM: ? Write some more stories, you lazy bastard.

Why should The Metatemporal Detective be the next book that everyone reads?

MM: Well, I think I’m too much of a libertarian to take that attitude. If they like it, well and good. They might enjoy the humour or even alternate worlds without the internal combustion engine…

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