Wednesday, April 15, 2009

David Gemmell Legend Award Shortlist – Vote Now!

The David Gemmell Legend Award shortlist (determined by popular vote) was announced earlier this week and the poll is open for voting – so go vote.

I’ve read and reviewed 3 of the 5 books on the sh
ortlist and I’ve read an earlier book by one of the remaining authors.

  • Brent Weeks: The Way of Shadows (review)

  • Joe Abercrombie: Last Argument of Kings (review)

  • Brandon Sanderson: Hero of Ages (review)

  • Juliet Marillier: Heir to the Sevenwaters (I haven’t read her before, but Mrs. Neth Space enjoyed her earlier trilogy)

For me the vote was down to Sanderson and Abercrombie, and going by reviews alone, Sanderson should be my choice. But I voted for Abercrombie anyway. Why? Because I like his the FU quality of First Law Trilogy and its ending and I look forward to reading Joe’s reaction to winning. However, I do expect there is a strong possibility of a Polish revolution giving the win to Sapkowski.

1 comment:

Mihai A. said...

I am one of the voters for Sapkowski. I really liked "The Last Wish" and I find him to be a very interesting author. I haven't read Brandon Sanderson and Brent Weeks yet, but I think my vote will go to Sapkowski anyway :)


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