Monday, August 31, 2009

One Door Closes, Another Opens

So, today is the day that dies. Wotmania was at one time the single best community on the web devoted to the late Robert Jordan’s series, The Wheel of Time. Unfortunately, it suffered management problems – the guy running the site just didn’t seem to have the time, energy, desire, or whatever to help Wotmania become what it could have been. Thankfully, the community there kept it alive.

I care because Wotmania is the place that got me started on all this. Back in about 2001 I discovered Wotmania when I was looking for information about the next Wheel of Time book – I liked what I saw and lurked for many months. Then I started posting, then I became more active. Somewhere along the way, the
OF Board was started and I became introduced to SFF authors beyond Robert Jordan. Authors like Neil Gaiman, George RR Martin, Steven Erikson, China Miéville, Scott Bakker and many, many more. I became even more active and then I became an admin as well. Somewhere along the way I started writing reviews, then I created a blog to store those reviews at. And now…

So, I owe my being here to Wotmania and I’m sad to see it close. And I’m not alone –
Larry, Pat, Adam, and others were all there in the beginning. Wotmania influenced a lot of us who have greater visibility now. In reality, I’m also very angry at how and why it is closing and I lament the website it could have been if were allowed.

But the music never dies and some faithful members have started The intent is to center things on discussion of SFF books (like the OF Section at Wotmania). The admin are all fresh and enthusiastic. The community is invigorated (if a bit smaller). The message board is still archaic (as the community wishes). So, join me in welcoming to web – I sure hope it’s a success.

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