Thursday, April 08, 2010

Gail Carriger Answers Questions Five

The Parasol Protectorate series by Gail Carriger is a fun mix of urban fantasy, alternative history, steampunk, and paranormal romance set in Victorian-era London. The tag-line for the books is ‘A Novel of Vampires, Werewolves, and Dirigibles’. It’s certainly a fun sounding concept, but what makes it work for me is infusion of self-aware humor throughout – yes it goes too far at times, just like its supposed to. Soulless (Book Depository, Powell’s Books, Indiebound) is the first book in the series (which I enjoyed), followed by the just-released Changeless (Book Depository, Powell’s Books, Indiebound), which just made the New York Times Best Seller list. Forthcoming Blameless (Book Depository, Powell’s Books, Indiebound) is set for release in September, 2010.

Thanks again to Gail for taking the time to answer
Questions Five.

What is the perfect cup of tea for writing your books? Do ever need something a bit more…leaded? How is said cup of coffee (and/or leaded beverage) reflected in your writing?

GC: I drink Twinings English Breakfast gold label tea imported from London. It's difficult to get hold of. So far, I've not needed to imbibe anything more stringent to survive my word count. That could change in the future. There is so much tea in Soulless I actually had to change it to a different beverage in one scene because it was getting totally ridiculous.

Far into the future, the equivalent of an archaeologist from a significantly advanced culture (not necessarily a human culture) unearths a set of THE PARASOL PROTECTORATE. What theories about us might they come up with?

GC: Americans were weirdly fascinated with vampires, fashion, and the British. They may have had some serious humor issues as well.

If Soulless were a fortune cookie, what would its fortune be? How about Changeless?

GC: Soulless: Hold on to your parasol, there's a wax man in your future.
Changeless: Don't look under the kilts.

How would you interpret these fortunes if they were your own?

GC: Soulless: Wear lots of sunscreen and shave.
Changeless: Don't look under the kilts. Duh.

Why should Soulless (and then Changeless) be the next thing that everyone reads?

Everyone needs a little frivolity in their lives.

Bonus question for inclusion in The SFF Literary Pub Crawl:

Please recommend a favorite pub or similar establishment – it doesn’t have to be local to you, but that is encouraged and if you can’t limit to just one, recommend more, but try to keep it to 3 or less. And don’t forget to say why it’s so great.

Well, this is me, so you're getting tea houses instead. My favorite is
Bloomsbury Tea Room, in Capitola. If you're ever out driving Hwy 1 up the California coast you should stop in. It's a wonderful fusion of fresh California style ingredients coupled with a cozy British high tea aesthetic.

Then there's
Fiorini's cafe off the square in Sonoma, wine country. Real, authentic Italian pastries, tea in a proper pot, and wonderful coffee if you bend in that direction.


Anonymous said...

Haha - I loved this little interview. Almost as much as I loved tea meself :)


SQT said...

I haven't had a chance to finish "Soulless" yet, but it's a quickly endearing book and I look forward to getting back to it. Fun interview.

Unknown said...

Fun interview. Interesting, I never noticed tea being mentioned a lot in "Souless". Huh. But then, I'm a tea lover to so maybe that's why. *shrug*


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