Friday, January 13, 2012

Scott Lynch: The Republic of Thieves Release Update

I usually don't post updates or release info around here, but for books I'm anxiously awaiting, I'm happy to. And Scott Lynch is wildly popular with many who read this blog. And we have all been waiting patiently (or not) for the next book in his Gentlemen Bastards series, The Republic of Thieves (Book Depository, Powell's Books, Indiebound). And Gollancz (his primary publisher) has just given us an update. (more recent updates are included at the end of the blog)

Well, the months have rolled around faster than anyone could quite credit and we find ourselves in 2012 and still without that final confirmed delivery of the completed draft of Scott Lynch’s The Republic of Thieves. Sadly those who expressed their doubts have been proved right and we’re now forced to move the likely date for Scott’s publication into the Autumn of this year.
Scott is still facing up to his issues and we’re still having to face up to the wait for his book. I know which I’d rather be dealing with.
So, we send our apologies to you and our very best wishes to Scott. Thank you, on his behalf, for bearing with us. And in the meantime, of course, (and to take some of the pressure of Scott) there are plenty of other wonderful books to be reading until The Republic of Thieves does make its appearance.

So, it's not good news, but I'm not going to be critical. Scott has been heroically public with his battle with crippling depression. The battle goes on and I wish him luck. Get healthy - then get us the book if you can.

In the mean time, I can recommend some books for those looking....

Update: April 14, 2012: The comments have some more talk of it, but it's pretty clear by Lynch's increased activity that progress has been made. My speculation is that the manuscript has been turned in and the publishers are seeing where they can fit the release in. It's still possible that there will be a 2012 release. Lynch has assured everyone that when he knows a solid release date, he will announce it...loudly.

Update: Aprill 19, 2012: Lynch's UK publisher (Gollancz) has listed October 2012 for the release. I consider this unconfirmed until I hear an official announcment from either Gollancz or Lynch himself. But it's a promising sign.

Update: August 3, 2012: Scott provides an update at his new blog:

Q: What the hell is going on with The Republic of Thieves?

A: My current necessary edit to TRoT has been shot all to hell by that lovely anxiety I’ve mentioned. I haven’t talked much about it because I hate talking about it. I can be usefully open about my depression in a way I can’t about my anxiety attacks. Sorry. Suffice to say: They are the reason we can’t have nice things. I have a very good feeling at the moment, however, because I know something you do not. When I can say more, I will not be shy.

Q: What’s with the official TRoT release date switching all the time?

A: Because my publishers can’t yet reliably (my fault, not theirs) give retailers a true date, and retailers nonetheless want to keep the book as a forthcoming item in their catalogs, many weird things happen. Nobody is deliberately fucking with you. Least of all me or my publishers. It’s not personal. I have said, several times, not to take any date as valid until you see me posting it online myself. I have just said it again.
Update: September 27, 2012: Nothing official lately, only hints of announcements to come and continuing struggles with depression. Not that it's believable, but Amazon currenlty lists the release date as July 23, 2013.

FINAL (?) UPDATE!: A firm publication date has been announced by the publisher and Scott himself, so I think it is quite reliable. TRoT will be published on October 8, 2013 in the US and October 10, 2013 in the UK (source - well 1 source anyway, lots of news on this one). This is great news and I'm glad that Scott was able to work through his depression to get this published - hopefully things will continue to work out for him.


J. Mark Miller said...

This is sad news indeed, as I think Scott is one of the best new writers of the last decade (or more). Having said that, as someone who's suffered from depression myself, I hope he continues to focus on himself and his healing.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Scott.

Neth said...

So, Scott went to a convention last weekend and there seems to be some good news coming out of it.

See this blog post for quite a bit of detail, but the relevent quote is:

Scott did a reading from Republic of Thieves. it WILL be hitting bookstore shelves this year, possibly in June. He is contracted for 5 books, and if the publishers decide they like him, he will get 2 more books (trust me, they like him). Book 3 is where things start to ramp up, with the series moving towards some type of large war.

And then there is the placeholder at his website

all-in-all, it looks like we may be getting this one in just a few months.

tantesherry said...

Thanks for the update and Well said J Mark Miller

Anonymous said...

Love this series, and I hope Scott gets better. I'd like to add a book to the recommended reading... The name of the wind by Patrick Rolfus (not sure if I spelled that last name right) I read this book right after the first Lamora book. You'll enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Its rothfuss actually. And the name of the wind is the best novel i have ever read.... or at least it was until the sequel came out. Wise mans fear. Truly a ripping good yarn. I believe rothfuss is the new king of the genre, but if he is the king, than scott is surely a duke. And a very powerful one at that. Anxiously awaiting trot. But i agree with all, take care of yourself before locke and jean scott.

Anonymous said...

The publisher's site now says March 21, 2013 for TROT. So maybe that's a confirmed date now. Fingers crossed!

Neth said...

Gollancz's Winter/Spring catalog did not include RoT when it first came out a month or so ago, which isn't a good sign. However, if things have moved forward since and the publisher has room to fit it in, they can always change.

But until we see any sort of official announcement I don't think we can count on anything.

Neth said...

Locus Forthcoming books lists it for July, 2013. Again, it's all unconfirmed and speculation until there's an actual announcement.


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