Friday, June 05, 2009

Links to Waste Time With

It’s been a busy week for me, but here are a few links I’ve found interesting.
  • Orbit is looking for a summer intern – I’d be interested if I lived anywhere near New York, if I could afford to live on what I imagine is much less than I currently make, and if I was actually qualified in any way.

  • Matt Staggs lets me know of a contest he’s running (and Jeff VanderMeer one-ups him).

    Have you ever struck a blow for anarchy? Done something surreal just because it felt good and they couldn't stop you? Crossed the border just to say you had? Stuck your gun somewhere you shouldn't've? Been chased across countries while trying to remember who you are? Okay, so that last one is the novel "Chaos" by the hot Dutch writing couple Escober, but you get the point. Tell us about the biggest thing you ever done to spread "chaos" and we'll enter you in a drawing for a one-of-a-kind gift pack featuring our new book "Chaos", plus:

    A military issue map bag containing:
    (1) compass with sighting mirror
    (1) copy of the U.S. Army's Guerilla Warfare and Special Forces Ops field guide
    (1) beret
    (1) grenade (deactivated - you think we're crazy?)
    (1) pair of leather bootlaces
    (1) camouflage T-shirt, suitable for disappearing without a trace

    Send your story of complete chaos to before June 30, 2009 to enter.


Anonymous said...

Yikes, I just read that through the whole thing (i.e. post & comments) re: eliminating negativity. Seriously? In this world? Between human beings of a similar bent, to say nothing of people who are totally different? Perhaps a noble aim, but hardly realistic.

Joe said...

I'm all for disclaimers, but that disclaimer was a bit over the top, I think.

Well intentioned, but over the top.

Mark Newton said...

I do wonder how far the disclaimers should stretch though; I say that, because the active SFF community (on and offline) is often a mix of a small number editors, authors and reviewers; so over the years, it does make things difficult, when everybody begins to know everyone else. And especially so for blurbs between authors who may also be good friends.

And should print magazines do the same? What about those who strike up friendships with reviewers after a nice review?

What about the people who really hate someone else though? Bitter rivalries and jealousies. Surely these should all be revealed too. ("I met so and so at a convention and simply hated their taste in shoes, so they get a one-star review". For example.)

Neth said...

the discussion is really ramping up over there, and while I still feel her disclaimer was over the top, I think the resulting discussion brings up some interesting thoughts.

Anyway, all these Machiavellian politics in the SFF author-editor-fan-reviewer world could make an interesting book...I'm just sayin'


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