Wednesday, August 04, 2010

As For the Month of August…

I head out tomorrow to work on a project in Romania. I’ll be gone for several weeks, so blog activity may suffer a bit. Or it may pick up as I comment about adventures traveling through Romania – who knows. I have a few posts in the can and I’ll likely get quite a bit of reading in while traveling to and from Romania – though reviews will probably wait until I return. So, expect content to run a bit more in the direction of travelogue. Of course actual work days will probably be 12-hours+, 7 days a week, so once in country exhaustion will probably keep reading and blogging to a minimum. I do hope to squeeze in a bit of sight-seeing at the end of the trip. Below are the books that will be making the trip with me.

Now, behave while I am gone.

Oh and it looks like the project is already delayed, so I'll have a free weekend in Bucharest when I arrive. Any suggestions?


Mad Hatter Review said...

Have a great time! You've got quite a nice stack to accompany you. Half the Blood of Brooklyn is my favorite in the series so far.

Jeff C said...

Have a safe trip, Ken! Hope the weather is nice there..the summer here in Tennessee has been brutal (heat) this year.

Neth said...

@ Mad Hatter

Thanks - it was very hard narrowing it down. I initially chose out about 24 books I wanted to read. And WoK wasn't one of those - I only added it because an interview opportunity came up.

@ Jeff

Apparently it can be very hot in Romania in July/August - especially around Bucharest (highs over 100). But right now it seems a more reasonable 90-95 with enough humidity to give a heat index of around 100. Not great, but it could be worse. At least lows are in the 60s.

Anonymous said...

Your books to read look really good. I'm excited to see your reviews.

I just happened across your blog from other SFF bloggers who have been recommending blogs to me. Thus, I'm late in saying enjoy yourself and have safe travels!


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