Thursday, March 09, 2006

A Review of the Reviews

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  • HiLo by Judd Winick

* Originally reviewed at BookSpotCentral.
** Did not finish
****Originally reviewed at SF and Fantasy Masterworks Reading Project


Anonymous said...

Rating Carroll's SLEEPING IN FLAME a 7 out of 10 is like saying Babe Ruth was a pretty good hitter.

Martha Ludden

Neth said...

Hmm...well if I were going to try an apply my rating system to hitting in baseball, a pretty good hitter would probably rate between 5 and 6, and yes, Babe Ruth, probably a 7 (but it would get rather complicated due to relativity and such). Anyway, I digress...

A 7/10 in my rating system is a good rating. I probably would have givin it 8/10, if not for a couple of issues that I pointed out in the review. In my system, very few books would get a 9/10, and since I'm terrible with absolutes, I imagine I'll never score a book 10/10.

Everyone has their own opinions about books, and I'll stand by my review.


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