Tuesday, May 25, 2010

US Cover Art for Towers of Midnight by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson

Well, it’s better than The Gathering Storm (Book Depository, Powell’s Books, Indiebound). Actually, it’s one of the better covers of the series, which I suppose only points to just how bad the cover art is for this series. Thoughts on the cover for Towers of Midnight (Book Depository, Powell’s Books, Indiebound)?

So, I wonder what's in the bag that Mat's holding? My guess - some of Aludra's handiwork.


Fence said...

Well, I'm unimpressed by it. But then again, this is a DKS construction (I'm guessing) so the fact that it isn't making my eyes bleed is a good thing ;)

Besides, we'll end up with the black cover with a coloured WOT symbol on the front over here.

And on the other hand this means the release date is creeping closer & closer. Yay!

Fyrefly said...

Oh, very cool! Although I'd always pictured the Tower of Ghenji as part of the Caralain Grass, not in a forest. I'm not sure if that's based on the text, though, or if I just made it up out of whole cloth.

Kat Hooper said...

Not too bad -- way better than the last one!


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